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Press Release for Fireball Opener at Baruch College


May 13, 2011


The 12th Annual Funsport Fireball Pro Game, the unofficial start of the New York summer pro basketball season, tips off this weekend at Baruch College in New York City.

Friday’s opening night schedule features matchups between NYAC and Willie Howie Surrob All-Stars followed by the DC All-Stars vs. Bingo All Stars, the 2010 NYC Summer Champions. The DC squad is coached by Larry Bowden, who has worked with such NBA standouts as Kevin Durant and Mike Beasley. The action on the court gets underway at 6:30 p.m.

Throughout the evening, there will be special tributes to four men who left their mark on the New York basketball before leaving us in the past year: John “Franchise” Strickland, Troy Truesdale, Troy “Escalade” Jackson, and Rob “Surrob” Negron.

For their families and their many friends, it will be a night of appreciation, sharing and memories. . . Strickland, a constant presence as a winning player and mentor across NYC for over 20 years. . . Truesdale, the former Iona great and fixture at the Nike Pro City. . . Jackson, the larger-than-life legend of And-1 fame and younger brother of former NY Knicks’ star Mark Jackson. . . Surrob, photographer and muralist whose work spanned all levels of basketball across the city. . . this night will honor each of them for their contributions to the sport and to the NYC basketball community.

Over the years, the Fireball Pro Game has featured many NBA and top overseas players, including: Nate Robinson (OKC), Wilson Chandler (Denver Nuggets), Charlie Villanueva (Detroit Pistons), Ryan Gomes (LA Clippers), Sebastian Telfair (Cleveland Cavs), Sundiata Gaines (NJ Nets), Lance Stephenson (Indana Pacers) and other top talents like Smush Parker, Kemba Walker, Danny Green, Andre Barrett and Darren Philips.

The Fireball Pro Game continues with doubleheaders on Saturday and Sunday and continues until Championship Sunday on June 26th.

For more information and a complete Fireball Pro Game schedule along with promotional video, check our website at:

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