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Mr. NoItAll – Funsport Jr. Pros Report Card Time… Programs Where You At?

Barry Hunter (Trainer of Lamont Peterson) talking to Peterson Round 12 World Championship fight 140lb. – Saturday Dec. 10th – KAHN Vs. Peterson — They say you have a chance to win… Get your head up! But you got to step it up!  Listen, Do you want your dreams to die, huh! You got a chance son… You got to stay on his @#$.  You dreamed it!  Gimmie three minutes, give me three minutes and you’ll be champ… Lets Go! 
Peterson a major underdog is now one of the 140lb. major belt champions. Peterson was once a homeless youth until Barry Hunter gave him a chance!  Peterson has also been in situations where he has fought for the world championmship and has come up short because he couldn’t step it up one more gear.  Yesterday he did because he had the guidance and gave everything he had.  With many of our kids having issues on and off the court this is the opportunity to give them quality leadership and guidance in these difficult times.  Are we doing the right thing by our children?  Some programs really struggled this weekend to show their concern at Funsport.
What is going on? sub-par coaching? Players jumping from team to team? no skill development and parents thinking more about basketball than getting an education?
Some programs got exposed this weekend at Funsport Jr. Pros.  There were no forefits to NoItAll’s knowledge but there were short rosters for some of the cities big programs.  Why?  Report Card Time At Funsport!  There was one situation that tore Mr. Noitall up!  A kid was crying because his parents didn’t go and get his report card from school so that he could play in New York’s top middle school tournament.  Report cards have been out for a minute if NoItAll is correct!
Big props to F.A.C.E.S. of Newark, NJ.  Rickey Rivers mentioned that they had an overall Team GPA around 93+ and they are well coached.  Did Mr.NoItAll mention that they are also the correct age for 7th & 8th graders… NoiTAll is going in.  Rivers better post this.  Sometimes he’s concerned about some of NoItAll’s content but it is what is…
More money being thrown around and the kids are the ones that are suffering because there is no guidance.  You got to be kidding. The NCAA, NBA, and AAU married? This is worst than the Lottery giving monies towards educational development for nations schools. The overhaul of youth basketball should go to congress not independent entities like the NBA, NCAA, and AAU to fix the problem happening in youth sports. How can they manage youth sports and they can’t manage themselves? The NCAA is a shambles with all the cheating going on by the nation’s biggest to smallest programs. The NBA has players, bringing guns into locker rooms, raping, shooting, domestic violence, drugs, refs throwing games and everything you can imagine that shouldn’t exist in sports involved in their daily existance and then that leads us to AAU…
One of the biggest jokes at least in the NY region that exists in youth basketball is grade exceptions where a kid 15-16 competes against 13-14’s dominates and is congratulated for his dominance because he has been left back 2x or reclassified, Something is wrong!

Let’s talk about it.

The views expressed by Mr. NoItAll are not necessarily the views of Funsport Inc. We provide this platform to express the views of Mr.NoItAll as it does offer insight


Mr.NoItAll | December 13th, 2011

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One response to “Mr. NoItAll – Funsport Jr. Pros Report Card Time… Programs Where You At?”

  1. rrivers says:

    Hey Mr.NoItAll… While we can point fingers at some of the kids not doing well, I would like of the 262 kids on an active rosters we collected 137 report cards over the weekend thus far. From what we collected we have 28 kids on our HONOR ROLL with a gpa of 90+ (Great!). I will compare that to 11 kids with grades at or below a 70avg and I’d say there is some work being done.

    Yet the 125 kids that did not submit report cards I would hope I’m missing more HONOR ROLL student-athletes we plan to acknowledge in a special ceremony 12/23.

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