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The “Battle for the City” Will Go Down This Saturday Despite Efforts of CHSAA

Some of the HS Stars playing in the game this Saturday

As of 3/30/12: 7:35am

The Battle for the City is a Funsport Inc. event and is in no way sponsored by, affiliated with, or promoted by or in combination with either the CHSAA, the PSAL or any of the schools, institutions or organizations in or affiliated with the PSAL or CHSAA. Neither the CHSAA nor the PSAL nor any of its affiliates shall be held responsible for anything arising out of or in connection with the Battle for the City.

The “Battle for the City” will be a GREAT event this Saturday at Baruch College starting 3pm for the NYC Basketball community. Despite some of the negative press, the event will go down as planned with a few enhancements. The “Catholic” team will consists mainly of senior talent and leadership against the heavily loaded “Public” team. In a preview at the open practice on Wednesday, the “Public” looked very impressive. Truck Fludd looked like he’s ready to add another big win to his high school resume. At the open practice, NYPost writer Marc Raimondi was allowed to speak with players and here are some of the quotes from his article. PARENTS/COACHES SHOULD NOTE THERE ARE NO RULE INFRACTIONS FOR KIDS PARTICIPATING FROM BOTH THE PUBLIC OR CATHOLIC SCHOOL ROSTERS. The “Catholic” (Catholic High School Athletic Assoc) tried to spread some propaganda to parents stating that we are not a sanctioned event. TOTALLY UNTRUE! It appears that the core of their argument is control. They do not control us or our kids that over many years have given their institutions loads of free marketing and promotion. This event is totally legitimate and supported by all necessary authorities. We cannot let them and their controlling intents impede growth of our programs. And since they took this blatant swing at us, we will be forced to defend ourselves by exposing their tactics of trying to isolate kids from their own communities if they (CHSAA) are not a benefitting part of it.

Truck Fludd (Boys & Girls)

“When St. Rays played Holy Cross in the ‘chip,’ the commentator said the CHSAA was the best league in the country,” said Thaddeus Hall who will represent Thomas Jefferson on the “Public” team. “He didn’t name any PSAL players and I got upset by that. Now we’re gonna see whose better.”

“It’s an honor to be able to play against the top players in our city and prove that CHSAA is the top basketball league,” Daniel Dingle of St. Raymond said. “I wanna have fun but I wanna win.”

Added Holy Cross’ Marquis Moore: “We wanna come out here and beat the PSAL. We want this win.”

“It’s a blessing to coach some of the best kids in the city,” Lovelace said. “It’s gonna be fun, but public school wants bragging rights. Hopefully we come out victorious.”

“I’m just gonna come out and have fun,” Fludd said. “There’s bragging rights, but I’m not too focused on that.”

“In the end we talked about this event being about the kids,” Rivers said. “I’m confident everyone who was supposed to play is going to play. This is going to be a spectacular event for the kids.”

Location: Saturday, March 31st at the Baruch College Gymnasium (East 24th St & Lexington Avenue – New York, NY)

3pm: “The Future Game” – Top H.S. Freshman & Sophomores in the NYC REGION (Combined now)
4pm: Battle for the City Boys Game (Public vs. Catholic)
(Dunk Contest and 3pt Contest at Half-time)
General Admission: $5 for H.S. students (and first 500); $10 for adults
* Bring your student ID

PSAL Roster of Players (Coached by Ruth Lovelace & Boys & Girls Staff)
1. Isaiah Whitehead (Lincoln); 2. Leroy Fludd (Boys & Girls HS); 3. Terrence Samuel (South Shore); 4. Shamiek Sheppard (South Shore); 5. Thaddeus Hall (Thomas Jefferson); 6. Justin Jenkins (Wings); 7. Jaquan Lynch (Thomas Jefferson); 8. Jordan Washington (Pathways); 9. Steven Gomez (Wings); 10. Carlos Galan (Gompers); 11. Debonair Edwards (Curtis); 12. Tafari Whittingham (Lincoln); 13. Joel Angus (Boys & Girls); 14. Stanley Cepedes (Satellite Academy); 15. Rashad Andrews (Boys & Girls); 16. Wayne Martin (South Shore)

“Catholic” Roster of Players (Coached by Oliver Antigua & St. Raymond’s Staff)
1. Mairega Clarke (Holy Cross); 2. Daniel Dingle (St. Rays); 3. Amadou Sidibe (Cardinal Hayes); 4. Nkereuwem Okoro (St. Rays); 5. Brian Bernardi (Xaverian); 6. Marquis Moore (Holy Cross); 7. Dillon Burns (Xaverian); 8. Jalen Jenkins (Cardinal Hayes); 9. Malik Gill (Mt. Saint Michaels); 10. Jordan Fuchs (Christ the King); 11. Davon Robinson (All Hallows); 12. Myron Hickman (St. Rays)

1. Cheyenne Nettleton (Holy Cross); 2. Marvin Prochet (Boys & Girls); 3. Kwame Morton (Lincoln); 4. Jaquan Hickman (Clinton); 5. Latiek Laney (Xaverian); 6. Nakye Sanders (Tottenville); 7. Jamie Killings (Boys & Girls); 8. Desure Buie (Wings Academy); 9. Mohamed Touray (Wings Academy) 10. Juice Gibbs (Thurgood Marshall); 11. Doudmy Saint Hillaire (South Shore); 12. Mike Williams (Bishop Loughlin); 13. Pat Brown (Thomas Jefferson); 14. Taquan Givens (Mott Haven); 15. Elisha Boone (Bishop Loughlin); 16. Desi Rodriguez (FDA); 17. Jesse Govan (St Marys); ADDITIONAL CONFIRMS TO FOLLOW

1. ANDREW UTATE (Mt. Saint Michaels)
2. DILLON BURNS (Xaverian)
3. MIKE WILLIAMS (Bishop Loughlin)

1. LEROY FLUDD (Boys & Girls HS)
2. DEAQUAN MILLER (Bishop Loughlin)
3. TYREEK JEWELL (Leadership Studies)






Music by DJ Authorize; Models provided by UnderArmour

Confirmed Sponsors: UnderArmour
Confirmed Partners: Madison Square Boys & Girls Club,, Shirts & Skins, Baruch College,, Big Apple Basketball


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