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AUDIO: Listen to Our Last Broadcast on Player Reclassification from Some of the Best

Listen to the last FunsportTalk radio show which spoke to the issue of player reclassification. The process is becoming a growing trend and guests Tom Konchalski, Maurice Wingate (Rivals), Kimani Young (New Heights), The General (Worldwide – ATL), and parent Danny Green all spoke with good opinions and education about the process. Many parents have an opinion so please listen and make your comment below. The show also reaches our Brooklyn Nets fans, so the first part of the show I welcomed Brian Graham, a longtime Nets fan, then we also spoke with Player of the Week Jonathan Severe.

Please make sure you tune into the show every Sunday @9pm. We’re talking about the issues that are developing around youth basketball and highlighting player achievements. We look forward to your opinion by calling 323.443.7515 or tweeting me @FunsportCEO. Your tweets will be aired on the show.


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rrivers | December 4th, 2011

3,123 views | 10 Comments

10 responses to “AUDIO: Listen to Our Last Broadcast on Player Reclassification from Some of the Best”

  1. rrivers says:

    Dwayne Cumberbatch Hey Rick, I run a middle school league and about 4 years ago I put a rule in to ban the re classed student. It is hurting our kids and only helping coaches that fall in love with the idea of what they want their team to be. In very few cases I can think of students that were benefitted from staying back a year. Parents need to stop listening to these basketball groupies and do whats best for their child’s education. Teaching hard work and dedication to progress needs to be at the head not what year they graduate.

  2. rrivers says:

    Barrington Bonitto… Reclassification allows for unfair competition, when a 16yr old is allowed to play with 13/14yr old 8th grd kids. It also contributes to the dumbing down of our kids because athleticism is rewarded & education is not prioritized.

  3. rrivers says:

    Ravishin’ Jules Rude… yeah man.this reclass thing is outta control.very sad to see the lengths some people will go through selling these kids dreams

  4. rrivers says:

    Esaun Gerald Pinto… If we are talking about putting a kid back into a lower grade to help his athletic potential, I think it sends the wrong message. It punishes the kid who is excelling both in the classroom and on the court. It seems that most of the kids that reclass need help with the books or the ball. We end up with a kid who got it done and is 18 his senior year competing we 19 and/or 20yr old kids. The age difference is even a bigger issue in the lower grades. If a freshmen is 14yrs old and has to fight for a spot with a 16yr old freshman it really isn’t fair. The student athlete should be encourage to perform on and off the court and deal with the consequences when he/she doesn’t. Hey there is still always the Prep School option, lol.

  5. rrivers says:

    Dwayne Cumberbatch… If a 16 year old 8th grader is killing at his school and he still in middle school that not true talent. If I am playing my little brother there points in the game where I would have an advantage whether physical or mental.

  6. rrivers says:

    Barrington Bonitto… Another aspect is the parent who hold back their kids & even put them in different schools just to be reclassified & play with younger kids so they can look like stars. The AAU should bear the brunt of the responsibility for the environment they created. Their concern is making $$. Play by age group. # NOEXCEPTIONS

  7. rrivers says:

    Tracy Brown… NOT A SUPPORT OF THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. rrivers says:

    Ed Jennings…
    What’s good? My name is Coach Ed Jennings of suburban Philly and I am fmr HS and college coach/player living in Allentown, PA. I caught your radio show on Sunday night regarding “reclassification” and wanted to shed some light on some important areas. And give me personal opinion as well. First of all white parents have been doing this for YEARS! This is something new to the black parent(s). I have been on the camp, AAU circuits locally, regionally and nationally long b4 alot of these catz today. My son Isiah “Zay” Jennings was playing UP at age 8 and 9 etc in the hotbed of Chester, PA etc. I am saying reclassification has mega benefits basketball aside for young men of color. But the problem is the overzealous coaches who are trying to win games with 8th graders or below as opposed to developing the player. If you reclass a kid you should play that kid in his CORRECT age group in as many events as possible. If a kid is an emerging player what good is it for him to ball out against inferior competition. As someone mentioned on the radio show all the development prior to HS is to prepare the young man for HS competition. I have taken a somewhat different approach with my son. Grades over crossovers, and development over exposure. I believe if the skill set is there you play the kid up if he can handle it. Once you reclass a kid who has some D1 talent, he should play up everywhere but school, AAU nationals a certain exposure events that will make it known the kid is in a new class. But I agree with my man Tom Kochowalski it must be a case by case situation. But playing down during the ages of 10 thru 14 is huge advantage due to physical human growth development. Most of the players that receive most of the accolades are superior due to physical development in middle school etc. Once a player reaches age 16 the playing field is even in terms of physical development. Skill is all you have when the player across from you is equal in strength, speed and athleticism. So, in closing reclass is a case by case situation and most prep schools require b/c the student athlete is usually not up to par academically anywyay. But stop playing these kids down to achieve rankings etc. Play the correct class or play the reclass kid up if possible. I have seen too many kids dominate the websites and all these so call gurus annoint who can’t crack their HS starting line ups. Thanks for allowing me to comment and best to you. Parents need to be educated.


    Ed Jennings
    Head Boys Coach
    Auxillary Instructor
    The Swain School
    SCBL – Founder/CEO

  9. rrivers says:

    @Ironmenbball… let me kno if I’m mistaken or ignorant to why people do it? My son has 91 avr and I’ll be damned if I hold him back to play

  10. rrivers says:

    @Ironmenbball… reclass? I Don’t agree…why not move on if u have the grades …work on ya game keep up the grades and u will be successful..

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